An outfit for a stellar night

Posted by Alyssa Polaris on

A weekend in Neptune.
A dinner in Andromeda.
An outfit for a stellar night.
★ The Estelle skirt
Betty Boop's great-granddaughter is getting ready for a girl's night out. She looks out the window, a shooting star flies by leaving in its wake a long, luminous tail ★彡 This stellar visitation sets the mood for the look of the night.
Her ride arrives and she walks out looking like the glittering night sky, wearing a lustrous skirt that flows, grazing her thigh, draping glossily to the ankle, transformed into a shooting star herself.
★ The Haze blouse
Like fog covering the very ridges of the earth, gracefully dressing vales and hills, soft and diaphanous, barely on the skin of the woman underneath.

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