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Recently, during a 3 hour drive back home from a trip I took to Helsinki, I found myself skipping songs incessantlyeven though, being bias about my own musical taste, I would assert that my Spotify account contains some of the best sounds known to menmy playlists aren't specially inclusive of many genres, I tend to hyperfocus on what has proven effective to my senses, therefore I’ve become fairly blasé to the excess of worldly pleasures I’ve collected for my ears.

Not wanting to spend the entire drive bored and defeated by the folly of my own musical rigidity, I ventured beyond the edge of familiarity to find something less stale, where I almost reach the end of my tolerance, but suddenly, resonating from the speakers, an alluring synthesizer, and there I was, vibrating with confusion, but mainly with gratification.

So, people of the internet! I come to you this day with news of music, except it isn’t news, because right now it’s 2022, the proverbial future, and most of the songs that I’ve compiled for you in this playlist were released in the 80’s, and the ones that are contemporary, bank on the sounds of analog space age and retro-futurism. Admittedly, the genre is not something I would listen to or recommend, but the atmospheric experience of that drive with the music at high volume and the car at high speed in the dim light of the evening made it feel like I was piloting a ship through space, and if there is ever an experience I would like to share is that of cosmic cruising.



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