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Despite fall being THE season for the darkly inspired, fashion-conscious soul (I'm talking about you and me here), I am feeling rather uninspired.
It's perhaps that I currently have no time to sit with a new book or music album. Every page in my agenda is already filled with work related activities, the kind that isn't creative, but the accounting, material sourcing, and production logistics kind, that tends to consume every waking hour of my day.
I guess it reflects in my appearance (old photos, but recycling them because I'm wearing the exact same dull outfit as today and as I said, no time for new photos), because I keep repeating the all black, basic but practical, ensemble pictured here with a simple jumper and skinny jeans, appropriate for long work days in my cold cold studio, just imagine it covered in lint, because I've been very active on the sewing table.
Hopefully you've been having much more fun than me styling your fall outfits.
Top: Wool ribbed jumper by Aelyse
Jeans: old Asos

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