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(Classical Nahuatl)
1. Serpent

In Aztec mythology, snakes are symbolic of rebirth and renewal. shedding their skins and emerging shining and fresh as though made anew, seeming to transcend the dull cycle of aging.

The creation of this piece is motivated by the part of my ancestry that has remained a mystery to me, and to many that share my circumstances, as a consequence of one-sided perfunctory story telling.
And in lieu of an authentic source of information about that side of my cultural heritage, I fail to identify with the chimeric qualities imbued to the character of my ancestors, that the world refuses to see as fully human.

Exploring my genealogy through recreation and experimentation feels rightful, and sharing it, due.

Deep and organic texture combined with a polished surface give a natural and shiny finish to this piece.

Inspired by the headdresses with serpentine characteristics worn by Aztec monarchs, this 12K gold-filled brass diadem renders a specter of culture left behind by a great extinct civilization.

Seen also as a virtual filter, available on Instagram.

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