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Greetings and salutations, my dear celestial beings, we have been through so much this season, planetary transits, retrograde periods, full moons, new moons, dark moons, and some of us, even astral projections, not me tough, the only out-of-body experience I’ve had recently is sleep paralysis, of the alien abduction genre, esoteric enough to grant me a membership to the occult club, maybe?

But enough of me, let’s focus on you.


Now, with the cosmic order restored, let me fill you in on what is happening at the Polaris atelier.

I know it seems like I've abandoned you, but I promise you I've been toiling away on future releases of a broad spectrum. It just so happens that for them to be realized, I need to relinquish most of my waking hours and focus to the actual work, which restricts the social and interactive aspect of our relationship. Time, you cruel oppressor!

But I'm here now, to tease you with just a glimpse of what's currently keeping me busy.


A cosmocorps inspired ensemble.

Only a little grittier, less ergonomic, less patrician, and with a lot less gilded lamé.

The sweater materialised with ease and true to what I had in mind, the skirt on the other hand has taken many forms and is currently growing some tendrils, reminiscent of comet dust and plasma tails. If all goes well, you'll see it in the nest few days.

This is an exciting one.

For the past few months I've been penning what originally was nothing more than a placeholder of sorts for a magazine project I was working on, but it evolved into an abstraction of my inner world. A study and reconstruction of my most recurrent dream in the form of a soft sci-fi novel that writes itself.

I'll reveal more about it soon. 



Sic itur ad astra



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