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On occasion I'll bring in a piece that ends up not sitting well in my wardrobe and I don't find it justifiable to adulterate the collection I've curated with intention by the indecision of keeping something just to fill a gap.
The Lilium skirt came to life because I wanted a more traditional shape for every day, with the approaching warmer season in mind I chose linento which I'm allergic, but a hazard has never kept me from trying to enjoy somethingbut the dysphoria isn't worth it, the style just isn't me, despite the beautiful color, the integrity of the construction, and to my dismay, the hardiness of the fiber, it doesn't pair well with the small but permanent garment composite I own and love, or with my body shape.
So I decided to take it out to play one last time, make a few images I can revisit to keep my feelings of urgency to fill wardrobe gaps satisfied for a little longer, and to make it easier on the heart to eventually bring in something else that I will love more.

Goodbye Lilium skirt, no hard feelings, all love.
Skirt: Lilium skirt by Aelyse
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