Ground control, are you there?

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Dear reader, I write to you from my Neptunian biosphere, where I’ve been left stranded after spending all my fuel and resources on the long voyage to search for a new beginning in the means of self preservation, just barely making it here alive.

A biennium has passed since we last saw each other, It’s been dark and cold, whipped almost daily by supersonic winds, but I’ve managed to hold up sufficiently on my own, although I fear I have started to disappear into the virtual ether, the icy dust and crystalline debris make it hard for the communication satellite to amplify radio signals to form a stable connection with Earth. I trust this message reaches you before it’s too late.

As you settle in for the read, dear human, why not instead be whisked away into a space-time continuum, where there are no missing points in space or instants in time, and you can navigate with me through my most recent piece of work, to which I embedded a fragment of my soul in, and the many more that I haven't yet made, without it all getting promptly buried in the social feed within one day, and then forgotten. Yes, most of my horcruxes are at a scroll’s distance.

The Rocket dress:


I have dared to wish only too much already, but I hope to hear back from you soon.

Cosmically yours,

Alyssa P.

Atelier report

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