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Ruffles, cut outs, slip dresses, mom jeans everywhere.

The more we see them, the more we like them, trends have a way to seep into our thoughts and change our perception unsuspectingly, and thanks to social media and its spurt of "influencers" I've fallen in the trap. Before I knew, I was following more fashion bloggers and street style photographers than actual friends, and I found myself with the sudden urge of owning that pair of furry loafers and painful looking sock boots, none of which have real practicity in my lifestyle and would inevitably end up collecting dust in a corner of my closet, and leave me with the feeling that I just let the wind blow my money off a cliff, and into a fire.

I took a look at my last collection and felt betrayed, by my own self nonetheless. I still stand by my designs but I feel that they've been diluted. The realization that I've been corrupted haunts me, so in self defense I've decided to haunt back.

While this ensemble is not the prime example of my trend afflicted work of late, I realize how blurred it is in the context of my entire line. 

I don't really have the luxury of spending time berating myself, or even trying to understand why I have been so vulnerable to redirect away from myself, but I have definitely taken the time to go back into my own world, and carry out a threat to the part of me that is afraid of disturbing the landscape with my outfit.

Dress: Column dress by Aelyse
Sweater: Ravel sweater by Alyen
Boots: Pia boots by Vagabond

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