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I don't know that my present reality lives up to the expectations and dreams I had as a child, I am certainly not navigating space in a shiny rocket—yet—but planet earth is a ship of sorts, zooming about the cosmos, and I'm aboard, and thought I still haven't figured out a way to command the ship, get off, or how to execute the secret missions I spent many a night plotting in the dark, while the rest of my family slept, one thing I have actually been working on, is a biosphere model project, a self-sustaining habitat and high commission of intergalactic operations. The current facility is a sufficient 72 square meter, with a few maintenance challenges, but enduring. (AKA my apartment).

The emotional routine for the preservation of this ecosystem has turned me into an experienced technician whose priority is to manipulate the environment with sensibility and make it stable for maintaining life, yielding a copious flora of a warm-temperate climate, from which is evident the viability of the enterprise... for planet earth, anyhow.

Maybe my child self wouldn't be impressed with my home-making skills, but my present self is. My plants are thriving and there's always cookies.

TLDR- look at these x-rayed photographs of my house plants and shiny space ship, They're pretty.

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