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I've been rather quiet on social media the last few weeks because suddenly my plans of releasing a spring collection didn't make sense anymore. I wasn't quite sure how to process the developing situation regarding The COVID-19 pandemic, which has unleashed a veritable avalanche of fear and anxiety, overruning everything in its path.
It feels so weird to post clothing and other banalities during this global crisis, and personal tragedy for those who have lost, and will lose, loved ones.
My atelier has been closed for the last 2 weeks, and in this time, I have found myself paralysed, wondering what is the sensible thing to do – out of respect for everyone involved in the chain of production, I am, as of today, resuming work, from home at this time (pictured is my improvised photo studio on a corner of my room), with my domestic machines, and only the fabrics I already had in storage, which means the line up of garments I had prepared will have to be set aside for another time, and the variety of styles on the website will be significantly reduced (a positive side to all this is that production times will be faster)
Aelyse is a small, independently-run atelier that for the time being will continue processing and shipping orders as usual, respecting social distancing, and exploring a more digital approach to the whole operation.
...And from my individual perspective, this critical situation has made me realise the urgency of acceptance, once we let go of fear and the illusion of control we can then make the connection with the universal conscious, which is the basis for functioning complex ecosystems, specially during adversity.
I hope you are in good health and in good spirits.
With love,

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