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Yet another set of images of me wearing the Lilium skirt, which just a few weeks ago, I was convinced wasn't for me. 

I did take it out of my closet and hung it up in my studio instead, to have it as a sample and eventually let it go to someone who would like it more, but I keep coming back to it, and it's not because it is an easy piece to throw on for running errands, as I spend the entire time wearing it terribly aware of the length, stepping on it. It's not the design, such a simple silhouette that doesn't quite flatter a short, stubby girl like me, and if we are going to be technical about it, the color doesn't do good things for my skin complexion either. 
so why do I keep diverging from what I know to be more benign to my body and activities to a piece unbefitting of my style?
I guess is precisely about the consciousness of it's ambiguity, while not entirely flattering or practical, it lets you know that I am willing to forgo prudence for a vogue expression, specially when pairing it with something as ordinary as a hoodie.
You'd think that me, being the creator of this garment wouldn't have to interpret and second guess its wearability but the intention of a piece of clothing isn't always that deliberate in its origin.
Top: Fir hoodie by Aelyse
Skirt: Lilium skirt by Aelyse

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