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I have been working on a lot of conceptual pieces, spending so much time on things that I don't feel confident enough to share that my commercial work has been reduced to a monotone parody of what I originally intended to put out.

With the idea of gaining time while I muster up the courage to be vulnerable with my real work, I tampered with my own credibility and I don't really know how to restore it. Finding a midpoint between what I'm comfortable with sharing and what would still have original design value should be easier than it actually is, but it's proven to be impossible for me so maybe the only solution is to muster the audacity to get uncomfortable and most importantly to get used to it.

Totally unrelated to my feelings of ineptitude, here are two photos of me ruining my heels on the mud, on the day of my birthday.

Neck cuff: Aeon cuff by Elemental Luxury
Top: Velamen top by Aelyse
Trousers: self made

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