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I've always liked the concept of minimalism applied to personal style, buying with intention and limiting the clothes I acquire to only those that can be mixed and matched, and that I will continue to wear for years and years, this is the reason why my wardrobe is exclusively black and white —I know I just put out a predominantly red collection, but my body of work and my personal wardrobe aren't exactly parallel, it is just that sometimes I find myself transfixed by colors in nature that flow into my work, and in this particular occasion, a drip from that flow spilled into my life outside of work, and my wardrobe became less 8-bit grayscale with the addition of this orchid pink leggings, which by the way were inspired by Medinilla Magnifica flowers that hopelessly withered away on my coffee table.
Leggings: Wool leggings by Aelyse
Jumper: Fir hoodie by Aelyse

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