Pink soufflé

Posted by Alyssa Polaris on

I don't think the cotton candy blonde deal I have going on at the moment will last much longer. I spent years bleaching my hair but it is lately that I have developed some kind of sensitivity which has me writhing in pain every 4 weeks when I retouch my roots. The thing is, my natural hair color is as black as my soul, and to achieve the light bubble gum pink I want, verrrrry strong bleach directly on the scalp is needed. I might be masochistic enough to welcome the burning sensation of the Schwarkzkopf blondening concoction on my skin with optimism, but lately the scorch feels more like intense exposure to lethal levels of radiation, making me experience agonizing migraines.

While we still can though, let's enjoy the softest version of me that there ever will be, with these images of the fluffy pink soufflé on my big head.

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