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Lately all my outfits are composed of exclusively Aelyse pieces. I can't make out whether it's because I have an emotional attachment to them since they're all my own creation or if I have lost perspective of my style and simply gravitate towards the familiar.

I have to admit, I feel very comfortable in my outfits but it's been a while since I've actually felt playful with what I wear. At the same time I like that I've turned my wardrobe into a universe of its own to immerse myself in.

At the end of the day my goal is that nothing I ever buy—or make, since that happens way more often—feels new, I want to have a style so well cultivated that whatever comes in, already feels like it's been there forever.


Top: Olivia tee by Aelyse
Belt: Mimosa belt by Aelyse
leggings: Wool leggings by Aelyse
Jacket: Skipper jacket by Aelyse

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