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I’ve been working hard on several toiles, all new designs, all with their corresponding fashion fabrics, rather than muslin, with the intention of being sampled and released ASAP.

This is already several days in the making, and after my two year forced sabbatical I’m a little obtuse when it comes to finding the rhythm of my once foolproof method of creation, understandably, several crucial steps were skipped and I find myself now in a predicament, frantically getting in touch with my textile providers, all I have in studio is insufficient for sales production, but for every code I dictated and typed I keep getting the same response “we no longer have this product”.

I’m left empty handed with a batch of prototypes that will have to remain in the rack of rejection at the back of the studio. For now, anyhow.


Clutching onto my latest creation, a floor length puffy coat made of balloon silk and false hopes.

Atelier report

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