The Russian cosmonaut

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I come to you in peace today to continue talking about films that have made an impact in my life.

This one is called "Another earth" and defined my preference for the melancholic trance of quiet and soft sci-fi.

while I enjoyed jumping on the ultimate trip through Kubrick's timeless realm, I can't help but think that films like "2001: A space odyssey" are more about a journey through cinema than they are about a journey through space.

Like any other sci-fi lover, I tend to surrender to the sleek visuals, immersing score, and the audacious light, color, and physics of cinematgraphy.  But I never lose sight of the human element, which I think is best represented in the creamy and subtle kind of sci-fi that Another Earth epitomizes.

Unlike I did with "Poison for the fairies", I will not spoil the plot or ending of this film, all I can say about it is that it's about two people slowly growing closer while only one of them is aware of their deep connection. And we, the audience, end up caring more for their connection than the plot really requires us to. In the end the film is all about a larger purpose; a meditation on the infinite possible variations that a human life can take.

Another earth was made independently with a very low budget, and it's evident, but the story is a sophisticated approach to an idea bigger than its budget.


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